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Backman's FTB Infini
Backman's Playground - FTB Infinity Server (recommended version)

PVE, Mytown2, random tp, 15k radius map, render distance 10 Almost no banned items. Friendly adult
staff that also play the server often.

The goal here is to have fun playing the game as it is ment to be played. Be nice and behave. Don't exploit, dupe or cheat in other ways. Don't annoy or harash other players.

Follow Backman and his crew in their tech journey into madness.

Protection with MyTown2 and ForgeEssentials.

Spawn built by Janakin.

Server is hosted in Sweden. and is online 24/7

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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