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Hi guys,

Here at ColinsTech Network we strive to provide the best performance we can with a our own dedicated machine (physically owned not rented) 48 GB Ram AMD Ryzen7 5800x we also run a custom jar developed by the Owner himself as he's a programmer to get the most out of the top tier hardware we are using to provide flawless performance with this also gives us allot of room to open up server's as people request it at the moment we have the following ongoing servers listed down below and are happy to startup new ones as the community requests it our community discord sits about at 275+ people at the moment.i wanna add that we're one if not the only Modded Community that has a Custom Jar that makes the server run super smooth and makes full use of the hardware we have to give some context due to how minecraft is coded you can have the best specs you want and still not get the best out of it even using some jars like magma spigot or others but we have our own custom that has multi threading and other things involved that makes the most use of our hardware providing the best experience for our players!

We have no Limits at all on any of our servers no banned items!

Ongoing servers:
Revelation 3.4
Revelation 3.5
CTF Lite
Endeavor (Latest Version)
FTB University 10/23/2021
FTB OceanBlock 10/24/2021
ATM7 New Map 1/8/2022 (Latest Version)
Vault Hunters New Map 2/13/2022 (Latest Version)

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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