Hack the Planet: The Ultimate Modded Server for All The Mods 9 Icon

Hack the Planet: The Ultimate Modded Server for All The Mods 9


Hack the Planet: A Minecraft Server for All the Mods 9

Are you looking for a challenging and fun modded Minecraft experience? Do you want to explore hundreds of mods, quests, and endgame content? Do you dare to craft the ATM Star or the Gregstar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Hack the Planet is the server for you!

Hack the Planet is a Minecraft server running the All the Mods 9 modpack, which has over 400 mods and countless quests and a built in proper endgame1. You can join our friendly and helpful community of players who love to build, survive, and create together. Whether you want to go solo or team up with others, you will find something to enjoy on our server.

Our server is easy to join and play. Just download the All the Mods 9 modpack from CurseForge2, launch the game, and enter our IP: atm9.hck.gg. You can also visit our website https://hck.gg/ for more information, news, and updates. We have a dedicated staff team who are always ready to assist you and ensure a smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join one of the best modded Minecraft servers out there. Hack the Planet is waiting for you!

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