HydroX Attack Of The B-Team Server 1.0.9c, Grief Prevention
HydroX Is a new Attack Of The B-Team server that needs players and skillful staff members
We have a friendly community and we hope that you join too!


1. No Griefing.

2. No Spamming.

3. Do not build 1x1 towers.

4. No Advertising.

5. No building near spawn.

6. No cursing / constant cursing.

7. No trolling / flaming.

8. No asking for op, ranks, or items.

9. Respect ALL players.

10. Obey staff and higher ups.

11. No using all caps messages. ex.: HELLO I AM BLAH, or hello I AM blah

Banned Items:
Minions(only for e-vip or higher)
Flans Mod
Entity Mover
Dubstep Guns
Ancient Staf(only for vip or higher)

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
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