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General Description

Infinity Evolved² is a popular hardcore and versatile techno-magic build from the FTB and Luxinfine team, where you will find everything from building to magic, from technology to automation.
The build has a lot of interesting quests, dungeons, a complete change of crafting and development paths, non-standard mechanics. The server is completely without world wipes, there is a regeneration of the world, which does not affect the regions, preserves the purity of the world and the entire stock of resources. Fixed a huge number of dupes, ways of grief, bugs, crashes. Excellent optimization of the game client and server. No bans on any items, limit mechanisms on the chunk or region. Fully self-written mods for privates, commands, economics and so on.



  1. Complete lack of any inhibitions: all items, mechanics, explosions, and more are allowed.

  2. Complete lack of world wipes - your progress is saved forever.

  3. World regeneration - the world remains always clean thanks to our regenerator, which does not touch your privates, but only deals with cleaning the world.

  4. Optimizations - we have our own optimizations of both the game client and server, which can be the envy of even top projects. The build spends little RAM, does not load the processor and video card so much, unlike all similar builds.

  5. Self-written modifications and mechanics - the server has many self-written modifications, reworked modifications and undocumented mechanics that you will find as you play. Even self-developed mods that add many new mechanics!

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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