NEW!!! All The Mods 9 Server 2 [No PVP/Grief]  By CubedWorlds Icon

NEW!!! All The Mods 9 Server 2 [No PVP/Grief] By CubedWorlds


PvP/Grief Server:
Peace Server:
Peace Server 2:


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*Playtime rewards: Get rewarded for playing on our servers! Earn special rewards as you play on our servers, the more you play, the more rewards!  

*Ranks: You can earn 12 specials ranks on the server via playtime or purchasing one of our packages on our website.

*No Map Reset: Yes!!! The map will never reset, except for a few dimensions (The end, The Nether and Mining Dim)

*Dimensions Size: 20k Radius each, 31 Dimensions available

*Economy: Rent a shop to sell ressources or buy from others.

*Chunks Loading: Enabled

*Voting: Vote for our server to receive rewards! Make sure you are in-game when you vote to receive the reward

*Structure Compass: Enabled

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
dooley1101 14
kodrz 10
glubtier 7
SirBlackcat 5
Ishval_ 5
vBrnn 2
powerpin 2
Nuclearsyrup1 2
IgnisDel 1
tn_slym 1
TheRealSandstorm 1
MakaPaka007 1
SrVayne 1
ChaosBuilder2 1
CaptainPablo6 1
Killiank 1
Sherlock28 1
Vector003 1
RunnerBlade2080 1

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NEW!!! All The Mods 9 [PVP/Grief]  By CubedWorlds Icon
NEW!!! All The Mods 9 [No PVP/Grief]  By CubedWorlds Icon