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Hello there, we are a small community of gamers that play various different Minecraft mod packs. We have recently added Nomifactory CEu back into our network (I have personally hosted numerous Nomifactory CEu servers in the past on here, so we have lots of experience in fixing issues & maintaining Nomi CEu servers)

The server has 10k x 10k of pre-generated land (World border is set to 10k x 10k as well), and is hosted in Germany on a dedicated 7950X with as much DDR5 RAM as it needs (It's on a dedi), as well as dual redundant backups (5TB NAS + The in-game backups), as well as active admins to ensure the game runs smoothly No limitations on those who join however we do have a rule which is to simply be respectful to those on the server.

You are not required to play as a team on our server however we do ask that you let people build off of the void world if they need/want to build in that dimension, there is plenty of space for everyone

Server IP: nomi.cloudlitemc.com
Server Discord: https://discord.cloudlitemc.com/ (Make sure to select the appropriate role for Nomifactory CEu, you can do this via onboarding or use the #roles channel) NO CRACKED PLAYERS ALLOWED

Server is brand new as of 2/10/2024 and no one is even on LV yet , feel free to @ me for any questions related to joining, we are on version 1.7-alpha-2a

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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