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Super ATM9

Hello and welcome to SUPER ATM9!

We are a new developing server aiming provide players with around the clock support.

If you need help connecting or have issues join our discord typically attempting to connect 1-2 times does the job the first time if it gives any issues

Server is always up and if it is not information about server issues or repair is always communicated in discord directly.

You can join our server at: and visit our donation shop at:

Our server offers very many features including: 

  • In game ranks

  • Player Admin Shop (Ability to buy and sell)

  • Ways to gain more chunkloaders/claim chunks

  • Offer a player auction at spawn that is interactable

  • No overworld resets

  • Monthly Dimension Resets

  • No limitations to world borders

  • In game chunkloading

  • No banned items

We offer a very peaceful and friendly community aiming on expanding our player base if you are looking for a new place to spend your time drop by you will not regret it!

Discord invite:

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
Rogue_Light 20
Lizzy35 17
Pawntyou2 14
MCCreeper1998 13
Psyychou 11
LoneSage1944 10
Dinkar 8
Bortis111 8
soxr_ 7
2ProHyper 6
Barosus 6
_Bustinuts 5
2ProMaster 5
stevei444 4
Shiftminer9 3
eaterofcume 2
huskey01 2
Wisir 1
Rogue 1
Lawtonl 1
vespidsword 1
ShiftMiner 1
Jaydenms13 1
Tiexcogy 1
ckanze 1
SerRikari 1
Tha_Kabel 1
Scarecrowkyle 1
TehDarker 1
MC_Minecraft2000 1
Scarecrow_kyle 1
Felmer9114 1
yeanoo 1
Eighty7DropTop 1

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