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All The Mods 9 (ѕᴋʏʙʟᴏᴄᴋ) pWarps Economy Chestshops

While there's excitement about the potential release of "All The Mods 9 to the Skies" later this year, we've already taken a step by developing a custom Skyblock and partying system specifically for the current ATM9 modpack.

The existing mods within the All the Mods 9 modpack have presented some challenges, particularly with the claiming system. This system has vulnerabilities that allow for certain exploits, enabling players to bypass claim protections. As a result, on our standard ATM9 server, we've had to disable a number of items to prevent these exploits from being used.

However, our newly developed custom Skyblock system changes this. Thanks to the design of our custom Skyblock dimension and teaming system, we've managed to overcome these challenges. This means we can now allow almost all items to be used, significantly reducing the need for banned items. This unique approach not only enhances security and claim integrity but also enriches the overall gameplay experience, allowing players to enjoy the vast array of mods in ATM9 without the limitations imposed by exploit vulnerabilities.

Here are some other fearutes and essential details about our server:

💰 Economy:

  • Progress through the ATM9 quest book for cash rewards.

  • Engage in commerce with chest shops and the auction house.

  • Experience a balanced economy with various ways to earn and spend.

🏝️ Your Island:

  • Start with essential materials and a guide hologram.

  • Visit any island freely with /is visit, with full protection against unwanted interactions.

  • Invite friends to collaborate on your skyblock with ease.

🌐 Dimension Access & RTP:

  • World borders set to 10,000 blocks, ensuring vast exploration spaces.

  • Regular dimension resets for fresh resources, excluding personal skyblock dimensions.

🛠️ FTBChunks & Claims:

  • Utilize FTBChunks for efficient chunk loading.

  • Enjoy full protection on your island against PvP and interactions, with chunk loading capabilities outside of it.

How to Join:

  1. Launch All The Mods 9

  2. Enter the Server Address: and confirm.

  3. Join the adventure and start building on your skyblock island!

Join our Discord to connect with other players and stay updated on server news and events:

Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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