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BetterMC Forge 1.20.1 BMC4 (Proximity Voice Chat)

We started our modded network not just to play, but with a belief that we can offer the best experience for every single player. 

Say goodbye to lag. With optimized TPS for large player counts, we guarantee a flawless gaming experience on our ATM9 server.

Server Features:

Player Auction House & Chest Shops: Trade and sell your items in a player-driven market.
Coinflips: Test your luck with in-game gambling.
Adminshop: Purchase essential items curated by the server admins.
Vote Crates: Be rewarded for supporting the server with special crates.
mcMMO Leveling System: Unlock special abilities as you play.
Admin & Player Warps: Easily navigate the vast world with set warps. Customize your own with the in-game GUI interface.
Proximity Voice Chat: Communicate with nearby players in real-time, enhancing immersion and strategy.
Online Real-time Server Map: Monitor player locations and stats, getting a bird's-eye view of the expansive world.
Custom Built Community Events: Participate in unique events crafted for the communit

Download the Modpack here:

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Note on measurement: a server is marked as "offline" if it was unreachable for two checks - two checks equals min. 40 minutes.

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