FTB Infinity Evolved Servers

FTB Infinity Evolved Servers

Now Includes Quests! Infinity Evolved adds game modes! Two modes are currently included; 'normal' and 'expert'. New and existing worlds are automatically in 'normal' mode, to switch to the all-new game...

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FTB Infinity Evolved Server List

Explore an all-in-one modpack in FTB Infinity Evolved servers. With over 170 mods, FTB infinity evolved brings you a new and fantastic modpack from the FTB team that has two playing modes - Normal mode and Expert mode. In expert mode, you are given a checklist up to the end of the game, which will be automatically updated. There are many quests available, and you are also given a guide that helps you navigate through the game. Download the latest 3.1.0 version of the game, which is compatible with the 1.7.10 Minecraft version. Get the FTB Infinity Evolved servers today!